How to talk to anyone?

#Tip 1

Don't try to be someone else or pretend that you know what they're thinking.

#Tip 2

Smiling makes people feel happy and relaxed, which is a really good thing.

#Tip 3

Ask for a very little help and give a big thank you! It will make them feel good to help you.

#Tip 4

Show interest in other people—not just their interests but also in their lives!

#Tip 5

Show some genuine curiosity about the person and they'll feel more inclined to open up further with you too!

#Tip 6

Don't make assumptions about what they're thinking or feeling. Notice in which thing they have interest.

#Tip 7

Listen More!
When you are listening, you are letting someone know that they are important to you.

How to Attract Anyone?

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