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Welcome to IDEYL! Top 10 Secrets for having a magnificent Communication Skill. Effective Communication skills can bring success to you in many fields of life. People with great communication skills always have a great personality and they are more successful in careers and love life. So it’s become very important to improve your basic communication skills.

how to improve communication skills

How to develop communication skills?

Here are 7 practical action guides for developing outstanding communication skills:-

1. Speak Less Listen More:-

Better communication never means to speak more it’s all about when and how powerful your statement is. If you speak too much then it will decrease your reputation and personality by not having good communication skills. So always try to listen more than speak.

When people talk listen completely. Most people never listen.

2. Right Body Language:-

Think of a person who is talking to you that is calmed and relaxed, you feel very optimistic while talking to him. That’s the power of having good body language. Always keep a natural smile on your face. you need to put some extra effort while talking but if you do it sometimes it will become natural subconsciously.

3. Avoid Short Forms:-

Using short forms look cool, right? If you say somebody, Hey! GM He may understand that you are saying Good Morning. You subconsciously feel that you are smart. But actually, it’s not. Using short forms decreases your reputation. Even if you are chatting with someone on a mobile never use short forms.

4. Maintain Eye Contact:-

Well, This is something that is going to be super helpful for having a better image of you in anybody who talked to you. Maintaining eye contact will make others feel that you are interested in the talk and you are going to have a better conversation. For Example, suppose you are talking to your friend and your friend isn’t maintaining eye contact with you and looking all around, then you may think that he is not listening to you. Even if he is listening but not having better communication skills doesn’t make your conversation effective. So, always keep in mind you have to keep eye contact. One more important point here is that it doesn’t mean you have to look always in the eye of the other person, it can make him awkward. Keep looking around in between.

You can have a better conversation by taking interest in others than wanting that they take interest in you.

5. Always to the Point:-

Suppose, your friend forgets to bring a book that you told him to bring yesterday. He comes to you and says, “Hey brother, Yesterday I was at my Uncle’s wedding and didn’t get enough sleep and I forget to bring your book.” Now, Suppose a different scenario where your friend says, “Hey brother, Sorry I forget to bring your notebook.” Now in these two statements, you are going to like 2nd one because it’s to the point. So, Implement it and always be to the point. Use Active voice while talking.

6. Ask Open-Ended Questions:-

While talking to anybody always ask questions that are open-ended for a long and effective conversation. For example, you are talking to your girlfriend or whatever Hey, Did you visit Eden park yesterday? The answer may be yes or no and after that, you need to ask another question and that’s not effective. If you ask her Why do you like to visit the park? Then she can not answer it in one word and the conversation will become effective. So, implement it in your conversation and always ask open ended questions.

7. Learn Communication Skills:-

Your focus always should be to learn and know more about Life skills. Read books, listen to leaders, Talk to people, etc. You can learn Lifeskills at for free. You can read leadership skills here.

Communication works for those who work at it.

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You can improve your communication skills by learning. But while you are talking to someone then you can’t remember all the precautions and rules. For that, you need to fit these super-effective rules in your subconscious mind. This means these rules become natural for you and you will always have a better conversation. Practice is the only solution for this, the more practice you will do more natural you become and the more effective your conversation will be.

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