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How to Grow Telegram Channel from 0 to 47,000 Subscribers?

Welcome to Ideyl Learning! In this post, we are gonna break down marketing skills for telegram. How can you grow your telegram channel or Group and build a brand to increase sales.

Telegram marketing

How to Grow Telegram Channel?

We have divided this into 5 parts to understand it better.

Follow these steps to boost your presence in Telegram, With these skills, you can increase subscribers, engagement, and sales with your channel.

1. Pick a Theme & Stick to it

Well! What’s this? It means always and always picking one theme or topic for a particular channel. Let’s suppose your channel name is ‘PLUS Motivation’ then if come to know the ‘PLUS’ word is the name and ‘Motivation’ is the theme for this channel.

Motivation Channel

Your post should be always related to the motivation, if you post in this channel something like memes, maths formula, etc then you will lose your subscribers and mainly will lose engagement.

2. Build Engagement, not Subscribers

You are always trying to increase subscribers of your channel. But this is not the solution if you want to build your engagement. In fact, 10k subscribers are better than 100k subscribers if engagement in the 10k subscribers channel is more. Remember-

You can’t buy engagement, you have to build it.

Subscribers are just numbers that can be bought. So, never focus on gaining subscribers focus on engagement and user experience.

3. Good Formatting of Post

Don’t post on your channel randomly. Think like you are a subscriber of your channel and how do you feel if a random post comes into your feed. Always set a fixed time for your posts and schedule your posts accordingly.

Don’t post more than 4 times in a day also don’t stop posting content. And remember one post at a time.

Here are some examples of professional posting learn from this-

Build Brand Post

4. Integrate with Other Social Media

Well, if you really want to build your brand then don’t limit it to only Telegram. Make channels or pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Bring your traffic from the telegram channel to other social media. and say your subscribers to follow your pages.

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5. Paid Promotion is Mandatory

Well if you are not doing paid promotion of your channel then it is very difficult to get exponential growth on your channel. Before doing any project related to paid promotion learn marketing skills.

For example, don’t buy ads on basis of others channel subscribers. Always check the engagement of other channels.

Now, You will ask where can I find the best channels to promote. You can use to find the list of the best telegram channels.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:-

How can I grow my business on Telegram?

You can grow your business on telegram. First, find your target audience then find related channels to that and buy ads on that channel by contacting admin or using telega.

How can I promote my product on Telegram?

You can promote your telegram channel by using You can buy ads here on a particular channel in which you want to promote. Also, you can contact the channel owner for promotion.

Can I run ads on Telegram?

Yes, you can run ads on your telegram channel. Use Telegram’s official Ads Exchange platform to run ads for your channel to other channels.

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