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How to Advertise on Telegram: Step-By-Step Guide

In this Guide, I will tell you ‘How to Advertise on Telegram?’ Step-By-Step with infographics.

Advertise on telegram

In this post, there are 2 ways to help you advertise on Telegram.

1. Advertising Using is a platform that can help you to publish your advertisement on Telegram Channels. It has 3000+ manually verified category-based channels, that can help you to find your targeted audience. You can also create an Ads campaign to reach a larger audience.

It is a paid promotion platform for Telegram.

How to Advertise Using

1. Sign up on

Advertising using

Go to, On the right upside, you will see a button sign up. Click on that button. This will create your account.

2. Enter your mail to sign up.

Registration on telega

When you click on sign up a popup will open, you need to enter your mail. And then click on the ‘Create an account’ button. After that enter basic details. And you will get a confirmation mail. Confirm it by clicking the button. Now, your account is successfully created.

3. Select channels of your need.

choosing channels on

Now go to, Here you will find all channels you can select channels as your wish. In this given picture I have selected two of my favorite channels. To select a channel click on the button given in the red box in the image. Now click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

4. Top Up your Balance

top up the balance in

Now, to advertise on these channels you have to pay the charge for it. To do that click on the Balance button given the upside. Then you can add funds using cards, crypto, payeer, and many other options.

5. Confirming the order

confirm the order for advertising

Now, You need to confirm your order. You can add more channels if you want. On the right side you will see how many channels you are adding, followers, views, price, etc. Now, Click on Continue.

6. Creating your ad to publish.

Now it’s time to create your ad. Enter the image & text for your ad. You can choose a custom style for it. After it, Click on ‘Submit for Review’. It will be reviewed to make sure it is properly set up.

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That’s all!

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2. Advertising using Collaborator

Collaborator is a PR platform with hundreds of Telegram Channels with an engaged audience in its catalog. Each of them goes through manual moderation before being added to the catalog. So you can be sure there are no spammy channels.

The platform has an intuitive interface, making it easy and convenient to navigate and use. Now, let’s look at how to advertise on Telegram with Collaborator.

Now, let’s look at how to advertise on Telegram with Collaborator.

1. Sign up for the platform

Go to Collaborator and click the “Sign up for free” button.  

collaborator dashboard
  1. Fill out the registration form. You can choose from three available currencies: the dollar, euro, and hryvnia. Be aware that you select the currency during registration and cannot change it in your account later. At this stage, you also choose your role as an Advertiser.
sign up form
  1. Then go to the Telegram section located on the left menu.
sites and telegram option in collaborator pro
  1. Here you have to create your project to promote. 
projects dashboard
  1. Click on “Balance” and then click on “Top up balance” to replenish your account.
balance top up and withdraw
  1. After your project is verified, you can view the Collaborator catalog of channels. Here you can find information such as the number of subscribers, post coverage for the last seven days, the cost per 1,000 post views, etc. for each channel.
catalog of telegram subscribers
  1. You can filter channels by subject, country, language, and other criteria to simplify the process of choosing the right one for your needs.
filter telegram channels
  1. Choose the platform for publishing your post and add it to your cart. In the cart, you can complete your order.
write advertising post and place

After placing an order, you should wait for the publication of your post, which typically takes about 24 hours. You can track the status of your order and the history of your previous deals in the “My Projects” section.

published ads

3. Advertising Using Telegram Ads Platform

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here is the step-by-step method to promote your ad using Telegram’s official Ads Platform.

  1. Go to & Click on Login.

    Go to the Official website and you will see a login button there click on that button.Telegram Official Ads Platform

  2. Enter Your Mobile No.

    Now enter your mobile number with the country code(e.g +1234567890) and click on next.login on

  3. Confirm Your Login on the App

    Now open your Telegram app & you will receive a message from Telegram to confirm your login attempt. how to confirm login via telegram

  4. Enter Basic Details

    You will automatically login in website. Now fill in basic details for creating accounts like Name, Email, Phone no, Country, etc.filling basic details in

  5. Click on Create New Ad

    You will see a blue button named ‘Create a new ad’. Click on this button.create a new ad in telegram

  6. Enter Information about your post

    Now, you can add your details about the post you want to promote to different telegram channels. You can include or exclude different channels, choose categories, language, etc. Now everything is done, you can publish it now.promoting your post for ad

Telegram Advertising Cost

Reach(Campaign Post Views)CategoryPrice (Approx.)
10kFinance & Crypto Currency110$
Advertising Cost on Telegram Channels

I have explained everything step-by-step. I hope you get it now. In case there’s any issue please let me know in the comments.

Thank you!

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