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Alpha Male vs Sigma Male: Which one is better?

Welcome to Ideyl Learning! In this post, we are going to break down the difference between an alpha male and a sigma male. Which personality type is better? Here are some real-life examples to understand it better.

What is Alpha Male?

It is a personality type. Alpha Male is a man who knows he is the best. He is confident in his abilities and doesn’t need anyone else to validate him. He is assertive, but not aggressive.

He doesn’t need to prove himself because he already knows he is good enough. Alpha Males are leaders, they inspire people around them and they have an aura that attracts women like magnets.

Alpha males tend to be more dominant than Sigma males because they are used to getting their way in all aspects of their lives whether at home or at work; this type of behavior makes it easier for them to attract beautiful women because they know exactly what they want from them, which makes it easy for these types of individuals when dating since they don’t have any problem telling women what exactly needs to be done on any given occasion (e.g., ‘go get me some water).

Qualities of Alpha Males:

girls like alpha male
  • Alpha males are confident. They have a strong sense of self and aren’t afraid to express themselves.
  • Alpha males are leaders. They’re not just the first to do something but instead set an example for others to follow.
  • Alpha males are not afraid to take risks. If they want something, they will go after it—no matter what the cost may be!
  • Alpha males are ambitious; they set goals for themselves and strive towards those goals with everything they have in them!
  • Alpha males are good at making decisions; no more hemming or hawing around when an issue arises.

Examples of alpha males(Real Life):

These are some real-life examples of alpha males

1. Donald Trump

alpha male vs sigma male

Instead of being apologetic for his wealth and power, Trump is unapologetically boastful about it. He does not apologize for his ambition, which manifests in a desire to be the best at whatever he does.

Additionally, alpha males are confident in their abilities and do not care what others think. They have no shame in admitting that they are successful and have earned it through hard work. An example of this can be seen in Bill Gates’ statement:

“I’m interested in any kind of information that helps make me more productive.”

Bill Gates

2. Dwayne Johnson

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) has an Alpha male personality.

The critical difference between an alpha male and a Sigma Male (as defined by Dr. Cialdini) is confidence—confidence usually goes hand-in-hand with success; however, there are plenty of examples of successful people who were not necessarily confident—for example, Oprah Winfrey or Steve Jobs (although he did later become confident).

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What is Sigma Male?

The sigma male is an introvert, but not a shy man. The sigma male prefers to be alone and does not need a group to survive. He does not require a pack to feel secure as he is self-sufficient and independent in his thinking.

You can know everything about Sigma Male here.

When it comes to being single, he does not fear being alone. The sigma male has his own ideas about life and will not follow others blindly as other men do in society today because of their fear of being abandoned by the group they belong to or just plain ignorance due to a lack of knowledge on how things work in society.

Qualities of sigma males:

There are some qualities of sigma males-

  • Sigma males are introverts; they prefer spending time alone or with close friends.
  • They are also observant and can read situations quickly.
  • They are quite mysterious & don’t share their secrets easily.
  • Sigma males are good listeners who don’t interrupt people when they’re talking to them.
  • He doesn’t care about being popular and he’s not afraid to speak his mind.
  • A Sigma male is very independent and confident in himself.

Examples of Sigma Males(Real Life):

There are some real-life examples of sigma males:

1. Sharukh Khan

shah rukh khan

Sharukh khan has a sigma male type personality.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

difference between alpha and sigma male

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best examples of a sigma male.

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Difference between Alpha Male and Sigma Male:

The key differences between an alpha male and a sigma male are shown below.

Alpha MaleSigma Male
SocialNot so social
LeadersNot Leader

Is sigma male better than the alpha male?

The answer depends on who you ask. Alpha males are the leaders of the pack, but they have a lot in common with sigma males. Both of them have similar personalities and traits. For example, they’re both confident and independent, but they differ in that alpha males are leaders whereas sigma males are not.

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Some FAQs:

How to become an alpha male?

If your goal is to become an alpha male then you should remember these key points:
1) Be confident in yourself; don’t let other people bring you down!
2) Don’t hold back when it comes time for action – be assertive and take control!
3) Always focus on what’s best for yourself instead of worrying about what others think about you (this will help build self-esteem).

How to deal with Alpha Males?

1. Don’t say anything negative about their looks as this will make them feel bad about themselves (especially if it has nothing to do with their clothes/hair/etc).
2. Don’t talk down on an alpha’s intelligence because they will feel belittled by this too (even though it shouldn’t be offensive).

Do girls like Alpha Males?

The alpha male is often seen as the most powerful man in a social group. These men have high status, which makes them attractive to women and other men alike. They can be very controlling of their female partners and may even be abusive. Alpha males tend to have good looks that women love too!

What is the Main Quality of an Alpha Male?

Alpha males are often very confident in themselves but they don’t take criticism well at all. If you tell an alpha something he doesn’t want to hear then he’ll likely get defensive or angry with you so it’s best not to do this unless you really know what you’re talking about!

What is the opposite of Alpha Male?

The opposite of an alpha male is a “sigma male.” Sigma males are more introverted than their alpha counterparts and tend to be more charismatic and creative. They don’t care about material possessions or fitting in with society—they just want to do things for themselves and have fun with their friends along the way!


Sigma males may seem like a better option if you want to be dominant over other men (and women). However, there’s nothing wrong with being an alpha male either! If a person has strengths in one category or another, then it doesn’t mean that he lacks anything—he just has different strengths than someone else does. Also, not a specific person is completely alpha or not completely sigma.

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Thanks for reading, I hope it was helpful!

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